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-I want to leave Facebook, for reasons described [[faq#​why_are_you_not_on_some_social_networks|in the faq]] and [[https://​​r/​AntiFacebook/​|on reddit]] 
-However, plainly deleting my account is to extreme for me. So I will go the slow route. From now on, I will not accept nor send any friend requests. That should make sure that my current dependency is being taken care off, while not adding more dependencies. 
-If someone decides to send me a friend request. I will kindly link them to this page, and tell them they can always email or call me instead. ​ 
-For the person reading this: you can find my contact details at [[http://​]] and at [[contact details]] 
-I think this is the most balanced approach. 
-Facebook deletion will still happen, but is postponed until further notice. ​ 
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