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 ====== F.A.Q. ====== ====== F.A.Q. ======
- +Not actually Frequently Asked Questions, but hopefully useful anyway
-This page contains frequently asked questions.  +
- +
-Most of these 'Questions' are anticipated questions. It is like an guidebook to have good interactions with me and to avoid common annoyances. +
- +
-Thank you for taking the time to check out this page. I truly appreciate it.+
 ===== Why Gorgabal? ===== ===== Why Gorgabal? =====
 It is a nickname I use on the Internet. It is inspired by the name [[https://​​wiki/​Gorgoroth|Gorgoroth]]. I felt the need for a goofy nickname. ​ It is a nickname I use on the Internet. It is inspired by the name [[https://​​wiki/​Gorgoroth|Gorgoroth]]. I felt the need for a goofy nickname. ​
-===== Why can't I reach you?===== 
-I think that being '​always connected'​ is harmful for the psyche, we need time to relax. I relax when I know that I it is impossible to interrupt me.  +===== How should I contact ​you? ====
- +
-Usually nothing is so urgent that it really can not wait, be it hours or days. If you feel frustrated because of this, try doing some breathing exercises and meditation, you will soon find that the frustration becomes less. I normally always process your message. If you suspect that I missed it, please wait a couple of days before reminding me.  +
- +
-I sometimes turn my phone, computer and Internet off. Especially on Sunday, that is my official "day of rest".  +
- +
-===== Why are you not on some Social Networks? ====+
- +
-I think a lot of social media does not have our best interest in mind. Some social media are even actively harming us. [[http://​​|This is an inherent flaw in their business model.]] +
- +
-There are some benefits to have a presence on social media, but only because we collectively use them, this creates an enormous peer-pressure.  +
- +
-I try to not add to this peer-pressure.  +
- +
-**In general, I try to use only [[https://​​activities/​os/​os.en.html|open standards]] for communication.**+
 +I prefer e-mail, but for time sensitive matters you are welcome to give me a call.
 +email:\\ ​
 +phone: +316-2250-3051
 ===== There is an gift-related event coming up, what should I get you? ===== ===== There is an gift-related event coming up, what should I get you? =====
-Please Do Not.  +No gifts are necessary ​for me. In fact, prefer receiving no material gifts
- +
-Most of the '​presents'​ I get will be re-donated or stashed away somewhere.  +
- +
-The best way to show your love is to get me nothing at all. That way, you show your understanding,​ which is an gift in itself.  +
- +
-if you must, please check my [[gifts guide]] beforehand. This should prevent embarrassing moments where I have to pretend to be happy with something I really do not want.  +
- +
-===== Why do you explain all this? =====  +
- +
-Writing things orders my thoughts. Which makes it easier ​for me to remember WHY I made X choice +
- +
-If someone criticizes me because ​can't explain a choice properly, then they are absolutely right. Writing this FAQ allows me to explain stuff, both for myself and for the people close to me.  +
- +
-That makes me both more decisive and more transparent+
 +But if you are looking for inspiration,​ please check my [[gifts guide]]. ​
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